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Dr. Jamil Reviews

“I am participating in the medically supervised weight loss program offered by Dr. Jamil. I am in my late fifties, diabetic, hypertensive and obese. I have tried many different weight loss programs with varied success, and out of desperation, chose this one. I am extremely pleased and excited with the results! So far, my morning blood sugar has steadily dropped from 17 on Day 1 to 7 today. I have lost 25 lbs in 25 days, and was able to walk through the hilly, Calgary Zoo without huffing and puffing, without the usual incapacitating hip and leg pain. Contrary to other diets I have tried where hunger and cravings have derailed my efforts, with this one, there are no cravings or hunger pains to distract me. Thank you Dr. Jamil!”
Yvonne D.
"Dr. Jamil was my primary care physician & obstetrician for my third pregnancy. I am completely satisfied with the level of prenatal and postnatal care I received. When I had concerns, she and her office manager always listened and accommodated me in a pleasant and honest manner. Her instincts during labour and birth were precise and accurate and her excitement made my husband and I feel confident and at ease. Dr. Jamil is a young physician with a very caring, cooperative and truthful demeanor that made our pregnancy and birth enjoyable and memorable."
"The labour of the baby, the care and services are wonderful and perfect by Dr. Jamil."
"I am a new resident to the City of Yorkton and finding a new doctor is something else, a doctor that cares for you and finds exactly what the problem is. Well, I finally found a doctor that is all that. Her name is Dr. Jamil, she not only finds out the problem, she also talks to you as a person, not a number that comes in for 5  minutes and shoots you out the door. I recommend her to anyone that is in need of  a caring doctor that gets directly to the problem. Also a very friendly person that cares for you and your health."
"Dr. Jamil is my doctor. I have been seeing her for over two years. She has always listened to me carefully. Even though I have quite a few problems and are quite complex and I have dealt with for a long time, she has helped me so much, I have been the best I have ever been in the last 15 years. I appreciate her time and caring nature and treatment options she offered me. I thank her very much."
"Dr. Jamil has been my family doctor for a while now and she has been very professional. Every time I come to see her for my appointments, she has lots of respect for me and listens and examines me very thoroughly. I always feel welcome and respected. I really like her as my family doctor. She is a female doctor also, which I do like  very much.. She understands me very well and always has time to see me. I really do appreciate her as my family doctor."

We are grateful to Dr Jamil for the care she provided to my child. This was a diagnosis which was missed by his family doctor and we went to Dr Jamil and she discussed what it could be and with some tests gave us his diagnosis and he is so much better with the treatment.

Very knowledgeable, made the diagnosis for my mother when we were extremely frustrated with other doctors and saved her life. Its because of Dr Jamil my mother has quality of life.

She knows very well about all body parts and she can fix them very fast.

I think that Dr. Jamil is a wonderful and a caring doctor. I have been seeing her for 4 years now and I am very pleased with everything. I know she is extremely busy with her career and life in general, and find that if I give her a gentle reminder of what has been going on with my case it quickly comes back to her! She has been extremely friendly and genuinely caring in my concerns, stresses and losses. She is open to any therapeutic approach you ask about, not just shoving a prescriptions in your face for certain things. ie. tension headaches and trying massage therapy... it worked... so grateful for that! Overall she has been great! I will address a comment from a previous feed on here about waiting in the waiting room and having others just walk in and be seen before others....... I have been one of those that has walked right in..... not because it wasn't my turn!.... But because I had chosen to sit out in my car and make some work calls and such, for the designated approximate wait time that I had been given by her wonderful front staff..... I found her staff very personable and friendly... yes there was a time I was asked to call back when I called to book an appointment.... but I choose to see this as "Hey they are busy people!" ... we are all humans and for those on here that only nag and comment on the negative there are many of us that see the positive in her and her practice. I truly appreciate her service and even though I have moved 2 hours away I still continue to go see her. I believe it is hard to find good doctors and I and grateful to have found this one.

Dr. Jamil has been my medical doctor for over two years. She took me on as patient, when I turned to her out of complete desperation from a state of extreme illness and over-medicating doctors (who superficially examined me). After a battery of tests and a wholistic approach to my medical issues, Dr. Jamil helped me recover my health. From my life experience, which taken me to many different countries, "small persons" usually have "big offices." The waiting time in her "small office" is much shorter than most other doctors. Booking appointments online, I find very convenient. Dr. Jamil is a very competent doctor, who actually takes the time to listen. Her personal qualities only add to her professionalism. I highly recommend her.

Excellent doctor, kind and compassionate, listens to the problems carefully and spends sufficient time with the patients.

Great doctor, extraordinary medical expertise and knowledge, takes interests genuinely in my medical and psychosocial issues and I feel so much better because of her. Thank you, Dr Jamil.

I was surfing the internet and I found that she is the recipient of an award from College of Family Physicians of Canada. Well that's very impressive.

Dr Jamil diagnosed ovarian cancer at an early stage, I went through treatments recommended by her and owe my life to her. She is very thorough and I have no words to thank her.

I called Dr Jamil on Friday when my 2 year old son was sick, her receptionist Lorraine answered the phone. She was courteous and gave me same day appointment considering it was Friday. Dr Jamil took care of my son like her own child. He is doing great now. I appreciate her looking after my son so very much.

Dr Jamil accepted me in her practice 5 years ago and showed me ways to improve my health. I am off my 80% of prescriptions I was on and feel a 100% better. I owe my health and quality of life to her and so much appreciate that she chose to practice in Yorkton.

I used several commercial products to treat acne without help. Dr Jamil treated my skin and I do not have acne any more. I am so thankful to her and love my skin.

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